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graphical scenario outliner

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Posted by Luis M
Oct 26, 2013 at 09:16 PM


Thank you Néstor !

I just downloaded it and will try in the next few days.  This seems very promising.


Nestor Sanchez (ThinkComposer creator) wrote:
Hi Luis,
>I think you should try ThinkComposer (http://www.thinkcomposer.com).
>If you have multiple scenarios, based on a common field (let’s call it a
>“Domain”) you can pre-define the types of objects of that Domain, and
>later use them in your diagrams.
> >For instance, suppose you provide “emergency supply of energy” and must
>design multiple solutions for multiple customers.
>With ThinkComposer, you could create a Domain where “blue boxes
>represents Machines, red circles represents Generators and green arrows
>represents electric-flow between generators and machines” and those
>object type having appropriate custom-fields (i.e. “KW/h”, “Cost”,
>“Weight”, etc.).
> >Also, each node (Idea) of the diagram can contain a whole new diagram
>within, and later connect Ideas at different levels by using shortcuts.
>Plus, you can export that valuable information as text-files, images and
>HTML + PDF/XPS reports.
>Good luck!
> >Néstor Sánchez
>(ThinkComposer creator)


Posted by Luis M
Oct 26, 2013 at 09:18 PM


I watched some of the videos and also was intrigued.

My first reaction is that it would be very useful for critical thinking activities, particularly training for students or interns.

It seems to be directed toward code development output.

Thanks Hugh !

Hugh wrote:
Flying Logic (http://flyinglogic.com/index.html) is another possibility.
>It’s built to use a particular theory of operations management, but can
>be deployed for much wider purposes. I use it for plotting fiction.


Posted by Luis M
Oct 26, 2013 at 09:30 PM


I am very appreciative of all the responses, not only for bringing tools that I was not aware of, but also for the obvious desire of the community to be helpful.

I recognize as I mentioned in my first post that I struggled with how to describe what I was looking for.

Over the years I have tried many tools (MindManager, XMind, Smartdraw, CMAP, wikis, etc.), along with more formal tools such as those related to semantic development.  The application would involve both the thinking and creative process and ultimately presentation output—- but not large datasets with intense crunching.

My role is more strategic and programmatic at this point, both at work and with non-profit boards.

Hopefully these last paragraphs gives a slightly better sense of what I have been looking for.

Having said that, I found a very interesting tool that I am looking at right now.  Although I am not sure it is what I seek it does fit some of my needs (creative, visual, multiple scenarios) so am going to try it.  It is called Aeon Timeline:  http://www.scribblecode.com/

Will let you know.

But please if any other ideas come up, let me know.



Posted by Luis M
Oct 26, 2013 at 09:36 PM


Luis M wrote:

> >My role is more strategic and programmatic at this point, both at work
>and with non-profit boards.

Sorry, I forgot to mention this:  I develop strategic and tactical scenarios to achieve specific objectives and goals.




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