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deciding for an outliner software for a newbie

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Posted by cemski
Mar 2, 2013 at 03:12 PM


Hi folks,

im relatively new to this (two weeks) and was wondering about the existence of the forum and also about the amount of tools in the international/english range.
Also i heard the first time about CRIMP and reflecting my doing in the last two weeks i get a little fear i belong to this group….
but i only want to have the right tool to start with in the beginning…(is that what CRIMPs always say?)

If you search for this tools in the german language you just get a few results.
That’s why i started with CueCards but found on the same day MemoMaster and worked some days with it.
The limitation then was, that pdf could only be imported bit by bit.
Because of my lack of knowledge that there exists something like outliner software and PIM, i then started to look for DMS (document management systems)
and knowledge management. So i took a look at CroadX, Bitfarm Archiv and Lexican. I tried Lexican but it is very unreliable.
The next day i read about Keynote and at the same moment about RightNote.

I decided then for RightNote and worked several days with it, but now found a big limitation.
In addition two my desktop pc i wanted to use my notebook.
Since i didnt import the files as normal notes (because i wanted to have my files indexed, including the pds files), i imported them as links.
I thought in that way i would have the option to work on the original files additionally via the links.
Of course there would be a need of synchronizing those files.
Now it seems i cant set a relative path in RightNote.
I copied the whole folder where my documents came from on the notebook, but obviously the path to the files written in the notes was wrong.
Now i could update them bit by bit, which would kill me.
I then installed the portable version on the notebook, because i hoped there would be an option there, but couldnt find one.
Meanwhile i contacted the company and i’m waiting for a reply.
I read a post of someone who works with two computers on the same database when dropping it to dropbox.
But in my understanding i would have to drop the whole folder with my files also and this is about 3 GB.
I still doubt if that would work because i moved my dropbox folder on my pc to another location than “my documents”.

Another problem would be to only export the new or changed notes. I thought i could do it if i add tags like “needs sync”.
But i didnt find a way to export them all at once.

Now im searching for a (new) solution and read some days at this place.
I thought before i install and test several tools i could get some advice from you which tool would have the features i need.

So here is my feature wishlist:

Importing folders with their structure being reflected on the tree
Importing doc, txt, websites (html), pdf, must be indexed (searchable), optional jpgs
Exporting to rtf, doc html, pdf
Only export new/changed notes (maybe selected via tags), if possible in the original folder, import only new notes. What I mean is I want to keep the original folder in sync with the tree structure in the software.

(hyper)linking to other notes, documents and websites
Working with two computers on the data
tagging or priority or to-do

Preview of pdfs and search results.

Show the search results in context.

Web-clipping (liked that very much in RightNote, when copied not only the raw text is imported but all the links worked for example. But maybe thats the normal case)

Contact form in the note, when the data fields could be exported
Need to explain this:
I get a lot of information by people/companies on the phone. I thought when writing the infos down it would be very good if the contact data like name, phone number etc.
could later be sent/extracted to another database (maybe csv or Excel) so i could import them in another tool like MyPhoneExplorer,
a tool i use with my android for my contacts and calendar, because i would contact them in the future being suppliers or customers.
In MemoMaster i could create a file mask but would only have the file mask and no possibility for writing down longer notes or edit them like in a RichView document.
In RightNote i could have done this maybe when using an Excel-like file. In RightNote it is called spreadsheet.
But then i wouldnt have all the possibilities to edit the notes as i would have when using a RichView file (hyperlinks for example).
I couldnt find a possibility to mix those functions in one file.

import or link to emails from Thunderbird

cti (Computer Telephony Integration) - well, would be a real luxury present but not really necessary as i could do it within MyPhoneExplorer.

Used system/files:
Windows XP SP3
Office 2003

Meanwhile i played around with Ultra Recall and realized that it can do most things. Like importing emails from Thunderbird and extracting the name fields from the contact template.
Still trying to get together all the relations and configuration of templates, attributes and forms.
There are great possibilities there but need to dive in deeper.

Where was the possibility to change the default contact template? I cant find it anymore.

I would be very grateful if you could help me with some hints which tool i should check!

Thank you very much!



Posted by Dr Andus
Mar 4, 2013 at 11:24 AM


Hi Cemski - welcome to the forum. Ultra Recall came to my mind as well, reading your specifications.


Posted by cemski
Mar 7, 2013 at 04:16 PM


Thanks for answering Dr. Andus.

So i might be on the right path.

After several days of working with Ultra Recall i still have a problem of exporting properly to csv (or something else) for Excel.
I’d likt to export the informations of my contact form i’ve created, because i want to import the addressest into my android for example.
It doesnt work properly. The columns are shiftet. The difference is about 7 fields.
It works though when i export from the search result.
I could do a workaround as a do a search for a keyword i add like “contact”.
But i would rather like to do it with all the notes from a contact folder or document from the tree.
Also i’d like to add a space (empty line) to the csv export.
I also tried html or oml, with no luck. Only the first field or the item note field was exported.
Is there anyone out there having experience with it?


Posted by Cassius
Mar 7, 2013 at 06:38 PM


Take a look at TreePad,  It comes in various editions, works in multiple languages
( http://www.treepad.com/language_packs/ ) and has file format conversion utilities
( http://www.treepad.com/conversion_utilities/ ).  It handles links well (CTRL-SHFT-H), but importing capabilities are limited.  Currently I am using it to create a catalog of links to web pages, saved files, etc.

It has been around for a long time and its home is in the Netherlands.  The company was started by a fellow named Henk.  (I’ve forgotten his last name.)


Posted by quant
Mar 7, 2013 at 10:25 PM


Ultra Recall is my top app ... I’d suggest you to post your UR questions at kinooks forum:


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