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Amode - new version in preparation

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Posted by Dr Andus
Jan 25, 2013 at 10:36 AM


Alexander Deliyannis wrote:
>Sorry for the rant; maybe I am just doing it because I secretly want
>Mindsystems to visit this forum, be flabbergasted by the brilliance of
>my insights and hire me as a consultant at a generous fee…

Alexander, you do have my endorsement, so I hope you do get the job! :) It would be sure interesting to hear what they found out from that user survey. I’m really curious as to what people are mostly using Amode for (for me it’s a project management software). Though then you’d probably be bound by a confidentiality clause and won’t be able to comment on Amode here ever again… :)

Here is what Alex from Mindystems posted on their blog:

“The front end design aspects are still in consideration. If you have suggestions feel free to post here or send to us at support@mindsystems.com.au”

I did suggest to them to set up a user forum. Then we could actually find out what people are using Amode for and they could use user feedback for innovation.


Posted by Listerene
Jan 25, 2013 at 06:59 PM


For those who do not speak the language of Desperation, we offer this translation of their website:

‘Sales have dropped to virtually zero because our competitors offer *so* much more for *so* much less. What we’re doing is trying to hold on to what’s left of our user base with promises. We’re not ready now (if ever) to actually *deliver* on those promises, mind you, we just gotta keep hope alive’.

Sorry if my translation is a little rusty, it’s been awhile since I spoke Desperation but I kinda think that’s what it says. You, of course, are free to draw your own conclusions.

Does their approach resonate with anyone? Not with me, it doesn’t. In fact, do you recall the last time this approach was used by a software vendor not slinging an OS? (that’s OK, I’ll wait while you think). Give up? Ever hear of WordStar? Long before MS Word, WordPerfect, Total Word (remember *that* one?) or even Nota Bene (still around, btw, who knew?) ... long before Windows 1.0, in fact, there was WordStar; the Numero Uno most wonderfulest product in all the land for writing on this new-fangled thing called the personal computer. Numero Uno, that is, until they announced an upcoming revision promising great new stuff. Only problem was, WordStar was built with (ahem) not great programming practices. In fact, the spaghetti code was so unintelligible that they *couldn’t* update it and there *wasn’t* a new WordStar until a new one could be built from the ground up (and that took a long long time). Oops. The other problem? Nobody bought the current WordStar because, why buy something that’s gonna be obsolete in a month (or 12, 24, 36)? In (further) fact, it dragged on *so* long that folks not only stopped buying WordStar, they flocked to things like WordPerfect and MS Word and Ability. (Hey, that last one’s a blast from the past, isn’t it?)

Since that time, marketing departments across the software world wizened up and stopped announcing upcoming versions that aren’t ready for primetime (or even beta time). Mother MicroSoft’s OS group excepted, of course, because whadda users gonna do, buy a Mac? Hardeeharhar.

So, good luck to these dudes. They’re gonna need it. ;)  History lesson (and possibly off-topic irrelevancy), out


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