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CRIMP Defined




The ultimate outliner

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Posted by Foolness
Jan 28, 2013 at 10:55 PM


None of the above:

This is not a criticism of the features mentioned but part of my reply.

I don’t want any jiggy jaggy multi-window media player movable pane getting in the way of my data.

While I admire OneNote and Basket NotePads and TreeSheet and other freeform applications, I hate how free form information managers move around like a sticky note and just won’t stay still.

On the flip side, I also hate how limited lists programs like Brainstorm do it.

The best ideal interface I care for is a modular grid that snaps into place and functions like a browser speed dial for different purposes.

I also hate jargons like OPML that require you to understand what it does or else you might as well get locked in. This is not so much the case for me but for newbie notetakers. They don’t deserve these confusion. Stick it to .txt or move it to a specific extension filename for the convenience of new users not used to dealing with software.

I also hate this bias towards one concept of visual mapping in mind maps. Move that feature out of my notetaker and instead “this” right here is where a developer should focus his freeform development abilities instead of messing with non-mindmap views.

Panes are like eye sores for one user and benefits for others. You can’t really fix that.

Mind maps vs. concept maps vs. argument maps vs. constraint maps vs. goalscape pie maps vs. personalbrain?

It does not take a genius to realize that most of the problem there is basic movement and some software have already done it such as Flying Logic. You can add hoisting inside these feature too.

Goalscape’s hoisting is far more intuitive than any other list based hoisting in my opinion.

It can be intuitive precisely because it’s not hoisting but dealing with the focus of data itself. Hoisting can always be fixed by highlighting/annotations/in-line comments. The issue is not feature but data to brain recovery.

My ultimate outliner has to coincide with my ultimate personal productivity system which I believe has to coincide with my ultimate world view and it would be too long but I think what has not been mentioned so far is that the ultimate outliner is the ultimate file manager and that’s a shame for a dedicated thread like this.

Have we not been splashed enough by our own CRIMPing? Have we not learned anything from all the software we used?

Mindmap generation inside notes? A HD disk usage analyzer could easily do that!

Hoisting? Making a single folder with a single item can hoist any object!

OPML? You can’t edit data as easily from it unlike a portable folder functioning inside/indexed by a file manager. You probably need OneNote’s built in OCR just to collect text from an image.

Where’s the old file manager convenience of putting photo besides .txt besides .rtf and letting any gadget have an easy time dealing with it?

We’re too spoiled. We’ve gone blind.

We no longer see the ultimate from the uncreative.

That’s the reason we can’t have a standard.


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