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RightNote vs. NoteCase Pro

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Posted by Dr Andus
Nov 2, 2012 at 05:28 PM


Jon Polish wrote:
>Dr. Andus:

>No, I continue to use WhizFolders for writing chunks of text to be refined
>(re-organized) in WhizFolders later. I continue to rely extensively on UR and
>InfoQube for storing, organizing and retrieving information. But like all of us, I
>like to explore what else is out there that might be valuable. I really like the way I can
>clip stuff from the web into RightNote.

Thanks for that, Jon, it’s always interesting to see the overall context in which individual tools are used within a given use scenario.


Posted by Andrew Mckay
Nov 11, 2012 at 02:09 PM


Jon Polish wrote:
> >Are there other people experienced enough with both of these to provide
>me with an informed opinion?

I am not experienced in either but I am looking at purchasing one and have been experimenting with both. I would like to ask a question on exporting and tagging.

I plan to use the software as part of my project management of housing projects and the compiling of basic monthly reports for each project.
In the report there are often tasks associated for myself, collegues, other consultants or government officials

I will also use the software for my own notes and task management

I aim to tag nodes/notes with staff names etc. and once a week as part of my task management recall the tag and then print the node/notes associated with the staff member

In Notecase pro I am able to filter a tag and in the left pane see all the node/notes associated. Then I can export/print just those nodes/notes associated with the tag and forward on to the staff member in question

In Rightnote, as Jon says the tagging is easier, but from what I can see it shows the tree structure of the tag in a separate right hand pane but I cannot export or print just those nodes/notes associated with the tag
Your exporting and printing options are the same as if you had no tag.

I could well be wrong, both software have an extensive amount of options and both have very useful help files and I have not been experimenting for long.

In terms of exporting I have been impressed with both Righnote and Notecase pro.
The automatic numbering is very good and useful for me in both of them although at present the export of Notecase pro does export to Word as a large Courier New 16mm font for some reason. I am not sure if this is to do with my Word settings or a Notecase pro default. The developer has said he would look at it as he suspects it might be a Notecase pro default. You can in Word select all and change the font but it is useful in reports to have your headings a different size font to your body of text.

So far Notecase pro seems to suit my needs better, I do not have that many tags so the tagging is not a big issue. But both are excellent options for my intended use and I will continue experimenting. Any comments on tagging and exporting would be welcome.



Posted by Jon Polish
Nov 12, 2012 at 02:47 PM



I’m pretty sure this will complicate your life, but you might want to think about tools that could better meet your needs. I’m thinking of InfoQube and Ultra Recall, but these could be overkill. Have you looked at CintaNotes?


Posted by Andrew Mckay
Nov 12, 2012 at 03:20 PM


Jon Polish wrote:
> >I’m pretty sure this will complicate your life, but you might want to
>think about tools that could better meet your needs. I’m thinking of
>InfoQube and Ultra Recall, but these could be overkill. Have you looked
>at CintaNotes?


I once tried Info Qube but could not get it to install on my pc. That was a while ago and I remember the developer was very responsive and we were communicating via email but I failed to get it installed and gave up. It was awhile back and I am under no pressure to purchase any software now so I will give it another go. Ultra Recall I have also tried in the past and it would be worth a re look

Cintanotes I am playing around with. The method of pasting notes in it is brilliant and the tagging and speed of the software is excellent. I would really like the tree structure for my reports so I am not looking at it at this stage.



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