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Objectiveli - Manage Goals and Objectives in Real-Time

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Posted by Ritu
Sep 17, 2012 at 06:43 PM


Objectiveli is an application which supports setting, managing and tracking Goals and Objectives. It allows for Cascading Objectives and Assigning them. Assignment also comes with a request to update on a pre-defined frequency.

Objectiveli is not a Project Management Application or a glorified To-Do application, it Drives Outcomes. The difference being Goals and Objectives are Outcomes that you set to achieve through actions - there are many tools for managing action, project management, to-do management tools etc. Objectiveli keeps you and your team focussed on the Outcomes instead of managing the daily emergencies and things to-do.

Objectiveli is designed so that you always have the visibility of all the Goals and Objectives that you are managing, or the ones that you are observing.

The interface relies heavily on Tree Maps which is the best way to view recursive hierarchical data. Under Goals there can be many Objectives (which fulfill the goals) and under each Objective there can be many sub objectives. Having realtime view of the outcomes, and the ability to modify Goals and Objectives, communicated down the line is essential for todays business climate.

Checkout Objectiveli at http://objectiveli.com. For a limited time Objectiveli is completely free, love feedback and ideas. Currently more than 200 people are using Objectiveli to manage their Goals and Objectives.


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