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Progam with QDA Qualitative Data Analysis features? Coding/tagging blocks of text?

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Posted by Daly de Gagne
Aug 8, 2012 at 01:40 PM


Fredy, I’ve noted - twice, now - your request I not quote large blocks of a previous post when to do so isn’t relevant. You are quite right, about that, and I apologize to all concerned.

For my part, as one who appreciates what you have to say and your insights, I’d ask if you could take the time to edit what you write so you can say the same thing in perhaps half the space. That would be a consideration for all of us who wish to read what you write.

In terms of MyInfo, just one comment.

You refer to the second pane, that is the pane which allows one to see the contents of one note while working on another note. You are correct in stating that it is not editable. From the get-go Petko said in this version of MI it would not be editable, but that in the next major upgrade he would add that feature. I agree it would be nice to have a pinning feature.

I give credit to Petko for at least adding the ability to have multiple windows, even if not editable at this time. I suspect most developers would have just held off adding the feature until they could include the editing capability. For research and writing I find multiple windows extremely useful, and look forward to the next major upgrade when Petko will add editing features. This would put MI on a par with Whiz Folders in terms of this feature.



Posted by Fredy
Aug 12, 2012 at 12:28 PM


General :

Daly, I know you’re right… Problem is, I’m developing ideas here (and in other forums) on the screen, much better than I’d do without being online (which is a very interesting aspect since I’m against online file storage, etc. - “interesting” meaning I didn’t get it yet; another aspect of this phenomenon: I sometimes vision films online - and prefer to do so - even when I’ve got the same film on DVD in better quality - that’s completely crazy, I know. Similar for TV (I haven’t got a TV set for 20 or 25 years anymore in order to avoid all that crap there (and in absence of a mind strong enough to simply switch off all that crap…) for many people: There’s something in the mind of many people that urges them to PARTICIPATE IN SOMETHING RUNNING / going on at this very moment, or anything like that, and writing - “direct” - to a forum triggers ideas I wouldn’t have when that same forum sits just waiting for un upload. I SAID it’s crazy, but perhaps, if we fully understand what’s going on, we could overcome tv addiction of myriads of couch potatoes visioning pure sh** on tv? ( So I tried, with my last thread, to do some cutting up into several posts beforehand, but saw again that some ideas had to be referred to in several context, this way, when, with an editing function, I could have done better: So Chris’ the culprit! ;-) )

To Daly and MI users only :

On Petko’s second frame. It’s not the missing editability of it that bothers me so much (and hey, we’ve got 18 more months now!) but (I don’t follow MI’s development narrowly in detail, just checked in January again for that feature) the impossibility to have it non-vanishing and dockable (cf. hits table for search functions, where MI is a prominent example indeed HOW to do things right!): You can’t even use it for some “reference table” or such things since it does not only overlay your normal MI window (and thus hiding that stuff you need to see!, instead of you being able to dock it somewhere WITHIN that window), but also, it vanishes whenever you go to another item (within your MI window), and that’s just another example of Petko’s way of giving in to his users’ wishes: Yes, he does something, but it’s so crude it’s almost unusable and more or less devoid of any usefulness for anthing (and to do this specific thing right would have asked for 10 minutes of programming - and I know about these things).

I give a real-world example (and I said it in January, within the MI forum, re developers not even using their own progs, to all evidence!!!): You got a client calling. You search for his main item. Then you want to see his contact history. You pour his main item into the second pane, then navigate to his second (or whatever detail) item in your main screen… Second pane: vanished. You get it anew. Then you speak with your customer about some details; you need to refer to the third (or whatever) item of that customer (let’s assume he’s got one main item, then some sub-items in your system, so the navigational issues ain’t of any difficulty): Again, your “reference” pane vanishes. And so on, and so on, because Petko’s avoiding these additional 10 minutes’ programming.

This in unaceeptable from a “philosophical” point of view, it’s this “good enough for my customers as it is” stance that’s inacceptable for me. Your argument of “at least this when another guy would have waited upon full functionality” is due some respect and goes for the missing editability (since here, more programming to do, but not worth 2 years or more - I had multiple editability in my outliner 15 years ago, as many, many other elaborate things, and the whole thing was about 1 man year, so I have means to assess how many hours this or that task will take (and take from an experienced programmer like Petko that is). And then, lots of people asked for that pane again and again, so Petko “bought piece” from introducing such a basic pane, but please trust me, from a programming pov, introducing SUCH a pane, with SUCH (lack of) functionality, I, as a non-programmer (and if I know the source code, i.e. be accustomed to it, or have the developer by my side in order for him to “navigate” me), can introduce THAT feature as it is (= as it was in January) in 30 minutes, and no, that’s not another one of my “overdrawings to put things into perspective”, I’m talking of real 30 minutes, and it’d be done!

So in the end, it’s just another example of, give this little to customers, and they be quiet! (And I bought 5.07, and then all I / we got was time-limited betas, instead of getting rid of numerous bugs within the paid major version, and that’s unacceptable, too - not for new functionality, that Petko could have taken out off a final version 5.9, but leaving all the bugs in… so that was another education for me: 5.07 = final version for the whole number, lesson: When buying sw, have a look at the former numerotation policy of the developer in question and don’t extrapolate from normal numerotation policies.) (Petko’s enhancement of the cloning function was very good (and aligned an almost unusable function to the standard set by UR - I see good ergonomics when there are any.)

Daly, you’re one of those people who are kind to people - not everyone is at all times. But by letting pass too much sloppiness in programming, you invite / drive developers even more into not doing their dues, and, as I explained here these last days, they’ve got a quite natural propensiveness to let the clutch slip even when let alone - bad or very bad sw is the result. ;-)


Posted by Fredy
Aug 12, 2012 at 12:59 PM


EDIT General :

The same goes for music: I’ve got so much music on cd (and lp, yeah, old men and their juvenile purchases) - and then, I listen that very same music on youtube, and in my weird mind, that’s “nearly live” whilst my music, in much better quality, on physical supports, I consider “dead” - more joy with lesser quality “servings coming from somewhere” than with (sometimes) top-notch recordings here at mine’s = dissected from the world outside. As said, if we can fully explain what’s going on there, perhaps we could heal couch addictiveness for multi-million of people.

But with iPhones, iPads, etc., it seems to get “worse” even: Your own data - identical data -, when it comes flowing from the cloud back to your on-the-road devices, seems to get another quality for yourself than that same (your own) data could have if you just synched your stuff (by cable or by common wlan, etc.) within your own home, from your desktop pc there. Muse a second about it - we’re at the core here of 90 p.c. of the cloud phenomenon - only about 10 p.c. of cloud data being data synched with others and thus representing the original idea behind the cloud -

90 p.c. of the cloud functions for the bad reasons - and it functions extraordinarily well with those 90 p.c. - but nobody, to my knowledge, has ever verbalized this irony, let alone explained it (which I don’t pretend to do). Your own data, I say, getting a new quality when synched cloud-wise, and it seems people GET something new out of it only the cloud can offer, with material then that is bit-wise identical. If that’s not crazy, as the Germans say…


Posted by Fredy
Aug 12, 2012 at 01:35 PM


Sorry for multiplying bits: It’s not the music videos, many songs come without any video there. And it’s not cloud synching beforehand, before leaving home. It’s the “instant availability on the road”, i.e. synching on the spot, when you’re in need (or just in “need”) of the data in question. It must be something like “getting something from out there at this very moment” - to put it bluntly, even data identical to one that is on the harddisk of your device already. “Getting something from the television” must be something like “getting heroin from your dealer” - I’m sure it triggers some special functions in your brain that ain’t triggered but the material you’ve already got there.

And now for forging the bridge to offerings like The Brain. Could it be that when musing on your own Mind Maps (Tony Buzan’s rights reserved), your own items there trigger something that your own lists don’t trigger, because of the blank space… or because of the (more or less aleatoric?) spatial representation (it doesn’t work with alphabetically (= systematic-wise cut-up, let alone systematic) lists, so the common “space” notion (in mind maps, in cloud services) seems to be important - tv? by cable, though? But what’s at the other end of the cable? CHAOS, from your pov. I wanna say, things you own have a dedicated place, even if you don’t remember that specific place at a given moment. Thus, they’re “dead” in a way. Things in the cloud - or within the tv set - don’t have a place known to you / inscribed in your mental representation of “what’s where”.

So there see to be two factors at least, concurring (and with some others probably): The instant delivery (instead of “it’s all there already”), and the spatial whereabouts (= you don’t “know”, but you “discover on delivery” or something). (And then, mind maps are multiple times more successful than The Brain - but in mind maps, if you don’t touch a file, it’s spatial representation will not be changed from last time, whilst in The Brain, it’s all flurring arround all the time - so people seem to prefer SOME stability beyond that “don’t know where it exactly is” curtain…)

And so on… Lot’s of possible factors to muse on, beyond the “share” factor, which is not to be left behind, though. Watching TV, listening to youtube means, (at least in theory, for youtube,) others could listen / watch the same material as you do (but with youtube, probably at a differed time rate (you’re at 5’‘23, others might be at 2’‘45) - tv only is synchronized time-wise. So there seems a be some “sharing” factor even if it’s not about REAL sharing of your own data on the services you hope they will NOT share it against your will… Don’t know, but there is the phenomenon that millions of people prefer the net even when they don’t really need it, myself included when thinking. So there is some adequacy in trying to think about what’s going on with all that “sharing” business especially so when it’s NOT about real sharing.

(Unable to edit: It’s all too new for me.)


Posted by Fredy
Aug 12, 2012 at 01:53 PM


Did I mention I downloaded songs from youtube to my harddisk, then watched them / listened to them… from youtube again? When we understand that crazy behavior of mine fully, we’ll have got why the cloud takes it all: It fulfills hidden needs of which nobody is conscious yet, and which makes its success, and only a part of which is the factor “others will know your opinions”. If I had thought about these things2 1/2 years ago, I would have bought Apples shares in time = when they came out with their first slate; now’s too late. But I’ve come to the intermediate conclusion that the cloud will indeed take fully over, and that’s going to have some implications for the phenomenon I described here days ago: So there’s an INNER EXPLANATION for cloud taking over and desktop applics vanishing, et because of that inner explanation, this will never be turned over, not even partially so. (Ok, my realization of this comes late, but then, I’m one of few giving reasons.) ENOUGH! Oh, just one: If you don’t agree with the simple reasons they give, dig for deeper ones. (Or something like that.) ;-)


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