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GMail and Opera: A Progression

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Posted by Daly de Gagne
Jun 13, 2006 at 04:29 PM


A few months back I started to use GMail and found myself quite liking its approach.

I tried to find an email client that used tags like GMail, and the closest I could get was TheBat with its virtual folders.

I thought about going back to Outlook and NEO, but much as I like NEO I do not like Outlook.

So I took another look at Opera and its mail client that I had never been able to get to work.  A little patience on my part, and I discovered the problem was that I was inputting account information inaccurately.

I got Opera Mail working, and with some help from a couple of guys on the Opera community mail forum got my filters set up.

My delight though is that virtually every list and group I belong to is automatically filtered by Opera.

Since I am using the mail client I took another look at making Opera my default browser. I recall a few months ago in a discussion with Graham I said I didn’t like Opera’s browser. Well, spending more time with it, I discovered that except for the fact I don’t have the Google toolbar I like it.

I have discovered as a result of a post from Samal (thanks Samal) that I can get Zooter to work with Opera, so all of this has brought me closer to the Zoot camp.

Trying to set up James Fallows article organizer with a work around in ADM on the w/e lead to frustration when one of the base metadata column functions started acting badly, so that also has brought me closer to Zoot. I have also decided not to use ADM for important work until coding begins again and glitches are worked out.

Is all this CRIMP or a natural progression?



Posted by Graham Smith
Jun 14, 2006 at 05:02 AM


Both :-)


Daly de Gagne wrote:

>Is all this CRIMP or a natural progression?
> >Daly


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