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What must-have software for a new mac owner can you recommend?

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Posted by Paul Korm
Jul 9, 2014 at 01:30 PM


In addition to all the fine applications mentioned so far, there are two categories of app that I use constantly on my Macs.  A shelf to drag clippings and files to temporarily and then drag into other applications, email, etc.  The second category is screen clipping.  There are dozens of apps in each of these categories, which all do pretty much similar things.  My favorites are:

1. Yoink, or Dropzone 3, for shelf
2. ShotsBrowser, or FlySketch for screen clipping


Posted by rogbar
Jul 9, 2014 at 04:12 PM


Forgot a few others:

1Password is a fantastic app for very securely storing passwords, log-ins, etc. Totally reliable, and it syncs effortlessly to my iPhone and iPad, so I’m never without this information, and I’m confident it’s as secure as can reasonably be expected.

Alfred is a wonderful utility - more than just an app launcher. I’ve tried Launcher and Quicksilver, both of which are excellent, but I keep coming back to Alfred’s elegance.

Keyboard Maestro - I have lots and lots of time-saving macros I use everyday from this app. It’s well-designed, reliable, and highly helpful. QuicKeys is also very good, but I give the edge to KM.

I prefer Apple’s own Pages and Numbers to Word and Excel, partly because I like staying in the Apple ecosystem when possible, and also because they’re beautifully designed apps - and like so much else in OS X, they provide an appealing environment in which to work.

And, of course, can’t live without the ubiquitous DropBox. Eventually, I’m hoping iCloud Drive (in the next OS, Yosemite) will cover everything, but for now, DropBox is terrific.


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