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CRIMP Defined




Axon 2012 released

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Posted by Daly de Gagne
Jan 4, 2012 at 12:30 PM


Hey Pavi, thanks for the reply.

I appreciate how you placed Axon into the context of other visual software - your response was enough to bring out the crimper in me - I will give it a try.


Pavi wrote:
> >Hi Daly,
> >I guess I should have been more specific. There were some posts a while back
>about Flying Logic, Southbeach Modeller, etc. and these types of “visual software”,
>and each has pros and cons. For example, Flying Logic allows for individual weights of
>nodes to be adjusted. Southbeach lets you query the impact of changes on the whole
>network. Others allow for text analysis. However, I have found that all may lack the
>flexibility of designing a visual network with many different or mixed
> >I downloaded the Axon2012 trial version, and it includes a huge amount
>of demos. Put simply, I think that Axon can do much of what a lot of others can, and more.
>The simulator allows you to include formulae for node decisions and model how inputs
>and outputs are affected, with a nice little animation. It is a fantastic way to
>complement what I would do with coding, in order to see what I am actually trying to
>implement. It may also be a powerful tool for creating network relationships for
>research data. A strong point is that each node might access a text file with your data
>in chosen format, so that it need not be “loaded” into the program, per se, and instead
>acts as a processing center. Traditional mind mapping? It’s there. Language
>analysis (Analyzer)? There. Generator which uses rules to create text
>associations? Also included. 
> >In short, the tool is powerful and flexible. The
>graphics are a little less sophisticated than some others, and the learning curve may
>be slightly greater, but the rewards appear to be worth it. I highly recommend
>downloading the demo to test it.
> >ALSO: the author mailed me back and the simulator is
>included in Axon2012, so no worries there.
> >Best, /Pavi
> >Daly de Gagne wrote:
>Lucas, I’ve always been kind of curious how Axon is different from mind mapping
> >>programs. Is it simply that it offers more alternatives to depict information
> >>graphically? What is the simulator?
>>You mention you see Axon as the solution
>>were looking for -  the solution to what?


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