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Updated procedure for converting GrandView files to Inspiration files

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Posted by Cassius
Oct 30, 2011 at 06:02 PM



The best approach (so far) that I’ve found for converting GV files to Inspiration is:

1)  In the GV file, switch to “Outline View” and turn both “Columns” and “Category Display” OFF.
2)  Expand EVERYTHING, then highlight EVERYTHING.
3)  Choose the labeling style “Outline/Labels/Get Style/Indentation w/no labels.”
4)  Export the file to “PA -Paragraph” format.  (File/Export/Paragraph)
5)  Pick a file name and add the extension “.rtf”  Note which folder the file is in.
6)  Open the exported file in Inspiration.  Inspiration will automatically convert the “.rtf” file to an Inspiration file.

To keep the GV file the way it was before you made these changes, do not close the file using the GrandView “Quit.”  Instead, with the GrandView window displayed, close it in Windows using one of the following:
  Press the combination ALT-SPACEBAR, then choose CLOSE (works in XP, may work in others)
  Open the Windows Task Manager, choose GrandView and choose “End Task.”
FOR SAFETY, do not delete your GrandView file.  The conversion might have errors or might not have copied everything.

The one possible difficulty may be the limited size of each Inspiration note.  I don’t know what might happen if the conversion process encounters one that is too long.



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