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Posted by MadaboutDana
Mar 19, 2011 at 10:03 PM


Hi Yaroslav, very glad you’ve joined the forum!



Posted by MadaboutDana
Mar 19, 2011 at 10:11 PM


Hm - a little negative, Graham, although I know what you mean. A few years back I was a major UltraRecall user, but the developer went quiet for quite a long period. However, they’re certainly back with a vengeance now! On the other hand another prog I was very fond of for a while (WinOrganizer) has clearly been more or less completely discontinued, which is a shame.

Ariadne is interesting - just had a quick play. But it’s nowhere near as intuitive as Smereka, even though I do like the table feature (something it has in common with AM-Notebook).

What I like about Smereka is quite simple: Yaroslav wrote it for his own use, and currently uses it heavily, so he’s the guy at the leading edge, as it were. Second, Yaroslav clearly takes the whole programming thing very seriously - his notes on why Smereka is resilient/stable are sensible, thought-out and user-oriented. Also, he’s thinking laterally - the plug-in concept is very interesting, and potentially very useful. But that depends on significant Smereka take-up.

I prefer to be very optimistic, and believe that Smereka won’t just be a major success, but also spawn a collaborative version that will be web-enabled!

Just in case you needed any challenges, Yaroslav… ;-)

It’s a great program, and I love the fact that everything is included in a single database - SQLlite has shown it’s resilient (and fast) enough for that kind of approach, and it’s a neat way of sharing stuff around, even if it isn’t collaborative.

It occurs to me that a simple ‘Reader’ version would be a good idea, for those who need to consult the database without editing it.

Finally, Graham, I’d love to know more about the many programs you have which do the same as Smereka? Any chance of a list? As one information management lover to another?



Posted by Cassius
Mar 19, 2011 at 10:30 PM


MadaboutDana wrote:

“and I love the fact that everything is included in a single database…”
I have always viewed putting EVERYTHING in a single database as very risky.  One problem in an entry can foul up the entire database.  I’ve seen this in large Word documents.  Thus, in large Word documents, for example, I always kept each chapter or section in a separate file.

Of course, by nature, I’m extremely risk-adverse.

P.S.  Now that I’m retired, these new PIMS and capabilities look like lots of fun, but I can’t think of what I’d use them for!


Posted by MadaboutDana
Mar 19, 2011 at 11:15 PM


While I entirely sympathise with your point of view, I would respectively point out that there’s a huge difference between a Word document and an SQLlite database. Word I use every day, and have learned to loath and distrust it. SQLlite I also use most days, in a wide variety of different applications, and have been ever more impressed by its resilience and stability.

Having said that, the total nuke risk is definitely present! But then, I’m amazed by how many people persist in using the ghastly Outlook, despite the fact that everything is stored in a single PST file…


Posted by Yaroslav Pidstryhach
Mar 19, 2011 at 11:32 PM


Bill, thank you for the invitation. And I really appreciate everyone’s words of encouragement!


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