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CRIMP Defined




Structured Document Editors?

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Posted by Alexander Deliyannis
Jul 28, 2010 at 07:49 PM


Dave Ewins wrote:
>With regard to
>Import/Export a generic (BrainStorm) Html Import solution (via SenseToWebpage) is
>scheduled for trial version availablity later this week or early next.

Great! However, I am not sure all outliners that export to HTML provide similar hierarchy information. Will have to test this in practice.

>Sense OPML support could be provided using a similar
>document format. Please let me know if this document format is acceptable?

I believe it is. A cross platform outliner which works well with OPML is Notecase Pro http://www.virtual-sky.com/index.php Its developer is equally responsive and added OPML and tab indented text support following user suggestions.

I would note that import is as important as export since, depending on the occasion, I can imagine using Sense either (a) as the starting point or (b) at a later stage, to edit a text whose structure has brainstormed e.g. via a mind mapping application.

>For text files, I’m sure there
>must be ideas regarding tab and space indentation, their usage and significance?

This is actually quite clear. Top levels have no indent. Thereon, each level is represented by a tab, i.e.

Level 0

[TAB]Level 1

[TAB][TAB]Level 2


Re import, it is possible that some applications will note use tab characters but rather a number of spaces. It would be good (but not essential) if Sense can be rather clever in this. I.e., Brainstorm will deduce the levels by understanding how many spaces are used to represent a level change. Brainstorm has a good tab indented text export feature, accessible via Write Text File in the File menu.


Posted by Dave Ewins
Aug 2, 2010 at 08:39 AM



A plugin module that supports import into Sense of tab/space indented plain-text files is now available.

This “development” download, SilvaElm.Parser.Txt.dll,  is in the maintenance/sense section of the SilvaElm support site.

Following download, copy the file to your Sense installation folder : typically C:\Program Files\Silva Elm\Sense\1.0.

[Note: If you are running MS Vista or Windows 7, you will need to run the Windows Explorer as Adminstrator].

To enable the module, go to Tools|Options via the main Sense menu.

Open File Support, select the line with TXT File Type and then open the Edit dialog.

Change the File Format to “Other” and then OK your way out saving the configurations.

You should now be able to Import (via the File Menu) your indented (eg BrainStorm)  .txt files.

An “RTF File Import” popup may be encountered: just OK and proceed.

(Note: If you have a Sense version earlier than 1.7.0, then Import won’t be enabled unless you are running as Sense Professional Edition - the latest Sense release version is available for download http://www.silvaelm.com/download.shtml )

Also, Volume Prices are now published: http://www.silvaelm.com/purchase.shtml

Dave Ewins


Posted by Alexander Deliyannis
Aug 3, 2010 at 07:38 PM


Dave Ewins wrote:
>A plugin module that supports import into Sense of tab/space indented
>plain-text files is now available.
> >This “development” download,
>SilvaElm.Parser.Txt.dll,  is in the maintenance/sense section of the SilvaElm
>support site.

This is great news! I especially appreciate the modular approach to adding functionality.

Question: where exactly is the maintenance/sense section in the http://www.silvaelm.com site? I was unable to find any such reference. I even checked within the program itself for any “support” link but to no avail. Am I missing something?


Posted by Dave Ewins
Aug 3, 2010 at 08:15 PM


Hi Alexander

Sorry, try this http://support.silvaelm.com/maintenance/sense/SilvaElm.Parser.Txt.dll

I hope to have a SilvaElm.Parser.Opml.dll ready by next week—good progress is being made. It’‘ll only be for import for existing Sense versions : the export will be enabled once the next (development) version of Sense is released.

Although the Indenting (Parser.Txt.dll) appears ok from my testing, it really misses some of the finer detail that hopefully the Opml variant will address—eg embedded html in outline text. I was even thinking of a BrainStrom .(brn) dll but not sure I need to go to that extent.

Feedback would be appreciated

Dave Ewins


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