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ADM website disappeared

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Posted by Gary N
May 11, 2006 at 06:22 AM


ADM used to have a website at http://www.adm21.net.  But as of the moment, it is gone without a trace.  Does anybody know where it went?  Could they have quit the business?  I am finding it possible to believe that they have collapsed for a few reasons:
1.  Bugs remained in version 3.0, and there was little announced progress on 4.0.  (Am I wrong, beta-testers?)
2.  Their grand plan for the future—an outliner built around Skype, as I understood it—sounded pretty unusual to me.  Who was their target customer, and how many could there have been?
does anyone know anything more?


Posted by Gary N
May 11, 2006 at 06:30 AM


On further review, there is a good indication that ADM has not left us.  I visited the ADM Yahoo forum (“ADM_fans ยท ADM [The Knowledge Management Desktop]”) and found a post by Eric Sommer from May 9th which was a reply to another post and began thus:

“Hi there, Thanks for reporting this bug.  It’s definitely there, and we’ll fix
it.  (We already knew about it, but it never hurts to let us know.) Eric”

So ADM must still have plans for tomorrow.



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