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MarginNote 4 is now available

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Posted by Paul Korm
May 18, 2024 at 06:54 AM


After years and years of delays and promises, MarginNote 4 is now available.  Pricing structure is a mess, but for $49.99 U.S. it is available as a “Max” version — meaning it can be used on all platforms.  There’s no upgrade from previous versions to Max, but there is an upgrade to “Pro” (single machine only) from MN3.  The app looks nice and the interface cleaned up and refreshed.  I use MN all the time and bought it.


Posted by Paul Korm
May 18, 2024 at 06:54 AM


Don’t bother looking for info on MN4 on their website.  The site hasn’t be updated yet.


Posted by tberni
May 18, 2024 at 07:41 AM


Hi Paul:

I too have been using MN intensively since version 2. For me it is a fundamental tool for the analysis, understanding and outlining of important documents.

Could you comment on what’s new in version 4?

It is true that the information the developers have distributed about MN4 is poor. And from what you say the update policy, this time, is a bit miserly. I use MN on two macs and two iPads.

Best regards.


Posted by satis
May 18, 2024 at 04:41 PM


Paul Korm wrote:
> Pricing structure is a mess

Apple’s IAP format is always a mess because it lists all possible permutations, including ones that are not available to all users (like upgrade tiers) but this is especially confusing, especially without additions information on the dev’s site. And at least one review indicates an inability to get a listed upgrade via an in-app purchase.


In-App Purchases

Upgrade to PRO from MN3(iOS) $0.00

Upgrade to MAX from MN3 (macO… $6.99

14 days Free Trial

14 days Free Trial

Unlock MAX Forever $49.99

Unlock MAX based on PRO (New) $38.00

Unlock MAX based on PRO $39.99

Unlock PRO Forever $12.99

Subscription to MAX (3 months) $4.99

Unlock MAX Forever (New) $49.99



Posted by Prion
May 18, 2024 at 09:53 PM


How does it stack up against its competitors, in particular Liquidtext?Based on its feature set I anticipated using it way more than I actually did.


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