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Work-Alike Alternative To Dynalist

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Posted by cicerosc
Apr 2, 2024 at 09:03 PM


I’ve tried Obsidian and I’ve tried Logseq and several others, but I keep wanting a local program that works on my computer with similar features and workflow to Dynalist, with the focus on block outlining in the central window. 

Does anyone who is keeping track of developments on the general market have a suggestion as to the *most* Dynalist-like option available?  If I thought I had control over my data using Dynalist with markdown local files I’d probably not worry, but I want the functionality but also (preferably) the control over my data.

So - what’s closest to Dynalist other than Dynalist itself but in development and local-file based? 

(And I am Linux or Windows and not Apple)

Thanks for any suggestions.


Posted by Cyganet
Apr 2, 2024 at 09:53 PM


I had a quick look and there are so few non-SaaS single-pane outliners under active development. Many have been abandoned.

Some suggestions to try:
- if you can handle the complexity, Org-mode
- InfoQube, slightly less complex and you need to ignore most of its features, just write directly in a grid without adding columns. I wrote an outlining tutorial that’s in the manual that can get you started
- extremely simple and plain text: Indigrid, no longer being developed but still available
- AppFlowy, I don’t know much about it but it claims that you keep your data


Posted by Cyganet
Apr 2, 2024 at 10:23 PM


One more to try: Rochus Keller’s CrossLine


Posted by satis
Apr 3, 2024 at 01:07 AM


Maybe Visual Outliner? But the site for it doesn’t refer to compatability past Windows 10


Or Buzz?


I don’t know of any self-hosted Windows/Linux apps that are extant and recently updated (there are numerous Mac apps that are) but FYI Dynalist’s UI is based on its competition, the services from Workflowy and Checkvist. (Dynalist was initially created when the devs thought Workflowy development had been abandoned.)




Posted by Dormouse
Apr 3, 2024 at 01:40 PM


cicerosc wrote:
I keep
>wanting a local program that works on my computer with similar features
>and workflow to Dynalist, with the focus on block outlining in the
>central window. 

I think it’s likely to depend on exactly which features and workflows you are looking for.
I don’t see Checkvist or Legend as being very similar.

I use Workflowy (very similar) as an outliner for PKM & tasks. But oc not local.

However, I do all my writing related outlining in Mindomo. Some of my maps have never been out of outline view. Excellent import/export, so exchanging outlines with Workflowy is a breeze. I use it because I find it a better outliner for this purpose. And Mindomo can be local only, and remains in active development. Only one pane, but that makes it central (apart from the note pane), Not the same as Dynalist but has most relevant features. #tags, links, but not wikilinks.

I doubt it’s designed for PKM, and you can’t dump too much in one map (each map has max 10k nodes, with 3-4k recommended for performance). But you can have as many maps as you want (free version limited to 3).
You might find a better outline option in other mindmap apps, though the few I have looked at don’t seem much like an outliner to me.
But might be worth loking at mindmap progs - the data structures are the same and most have outline views.


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