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Posted by Dormouse
Mar 30, 2024 at 08:27 PM


satis wrote:
>Shu Omi .. notes the lack of import from sources like Readwise, and
>there’s no mobile app.

True. And there’s no clipper either.

There are many ways I like Lattics, but it’s a very enclosed app. Importing is quite limited and so is exporting. Backup is in the form of a json.
It’s project based. With each project working like a single markdown file. The mind map is effectively an outline of the file. Which is all okay, but it’s relationship with files is entirely import/export which means no easy interoperable working with other programs.
I find that too much of a commitment and risk; I’d prefer to be able to switch in and out by increments. There’s still quite a few usability niggles, though the keyboard response I reported previously seems to have improved.

Cyganet wrote:
>Limitations of the free version: no export, no writing statistics.

I found that I could do a markdown export on the free version, when I tried it today. And the writing statistics were there.


Posted by Dormouse
Mar 30, 2024 at 09:03 PM


I#ll just add that the whole structure seems remarkably similar to Writemonkey3 with cards = repository. Entirely different UI oc
And WM3 has the ability to work with external files by keeping them in sync with its json database.


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