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Tana continues to build out its feature set

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Posted by Paul Korm
Sep 10, 2023 at 08:49 PM


My enjoyment of Tana is increasing as its feature set expands and matures.  Looks like there will be a broader public release later this year.  Although, it’s easy to get access to Tana now—just access Tana’s Slack instance and introduce yourself in in the “introduce-yourself” channel, and Matt the moderator will DM you with a link to your own Tana graph. 


A recent video explains “supertags” and recent additions to that core feature.  Supertags are data structures that can be attached to text nodes, and can contain fields, tags, automation, queries, and calls to OpenAI.  OpenAI can be accessed within nodes, as well.  Other AI providers might be added in the future.


Tana works very well in a browser on a mobile tablet, not on a phone.  There probably won’t be a phone version, but there is a capture app that feeds notes, images, document scans, voice notes, to one’s Tana graph.  (An AI feature in Tana transcribes voice members on demand.)

Could be a good escape ramp from Tinderbox, which has always ignored mobile platforms.


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