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X-Tiles goes to LTD..

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Mar 7, 2023 at 10:24 PM


xTiles is a Ukraine based app, so they may be looking for an infusion of cash. I did a Zoom session with the developers, last spring, I think it was. They seemed dedicated to the app, so I am not too concerned that they will fold, but then again, things in Ukraine are not overly stable.

But xTiles is pretty different than Canvas. Canvas is more free-style. xTiles reminds me a little of OneNote.



Posted by satis
Mar 20, 2023 at 03:40 AM


Geoffrey Miller wrote:
>Ah, the “Lifetime Deal” - on the rare occasions I’ve been tempted either
>the Company folds soon after or development stops (IdeaMason,
>CintaNotes, etc)

Not necessarily. I’ve purchased a number of LTD services (CloudApp, Droplr, AdGuard) and Mac Utilities (Alfred, BetterTouchTool, iPhone Recovery) which offered the choice between yearly subscription or one-time purchase.

Users are so used to paying next to nothing for software, so it’s a choice between affordability versus long-term savings, so some devs offer both. And using a service like StackSocial to offer it on a limited basis brings in cash flow without tanking the regular pricing structure.

Moo.do had a LTD offer on StackSocial in 2017 and I believe it rolled over when the product was revamped and renamed as LegendApp. Recently Agenda added a LTD option for the price of three years’ subscription. IA Writer offers the Android version as either a monthly or yearly sub, or a LTD purchase.

Some purchase pricing seems odd to me, however. UpNote for example has a one-time unlock with no limit to note storage capacity, which is increasingly economically untanable for a business as long as the product increases in users (and use of the product).

One caveat to these LTD deals: you may end up with full access only to the version of the app when purchased. This is what happened with WriteMapper 3, which surprised a lot of users who’d purchased lifetime licenses of v.1 and v.2 only to learn that it only meant you are allowed to keep your current version in perpetuity.


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