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Off Topic - Software that can tag paragraphs

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Posted by DaXiong
May 16, 2011 at 08:13 PM


Dominik Holenstein wrote:
> >If you are using Word then you could take a look at
> >Dominik

Dominik, Thanks for pointing me there, but as I understand WritingOutliner, I’d have to make each paragraph a document in order to tag them.

For all. Here’s what I’m doing now (please, no feedback that I’m insane - I already know that). I’m having the people I’m helping write in a spreadsheet. Each row is a paragraph of text, with the 1st column of the raw its topic tags, and the second column the actual paragraph.

Then, when they have their short papers (usually about 12-20 paragraphs) written, they can reorder them to make the ideas flow better.

That’s what I’m doing. (Again, please don’t ask why). I suspect ConnectedText will do this fairly easily, but I think the learning curve is a bit steep. It should be easy in Scrivener for Windows, but again - a steep learning curve.

If you know of anything, I’d love to hear. If I’ve made you feel good about yourself, cause there’s someone crazier than you out there - great!