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You need a different view on your outline - a corkboard with arrangeable index cards

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Posted by Edwin Yip
Jan 4, 2011 at 06:38 AM


Thanks for your comment, yes, the corkboard function is similar to Scrivener’s, honestly, I’ve not able to come up with better idea yet for a corkboard function, and IMHO, Scrivener’s corkboard is a good design, why not stand on top of the shoulders of the giants? The bottom line is, however, you can’t pretend to be original. In real world, all cars have four wheels, can we say that the manufacturers’ designs are not original? And I have no offence here :)

That’ll be a great idea, I added it to the ‘wishlist’.

A add-in software usually runs on a more complex environment than standalone softwares do, especially when it has to be compatible with multiple versions of the host software (word 2000 - 2010), for example, the problem might occurred because a conflict with another add-in installed on your computer. If you send me the details about the problem I’ll be glad to help.

The latest version has a lot stability improvements. And it’s true that Writing Outliner doesn’t support Office 2010 64-bit, but it supports Office 2010 32-bit that installed on Windows 64-bit machine.

@Glen, moritz,
Thanks for the comments, you know, it’s very important to know how the users think about the software :)