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You need a different view on your outline - a corkboard with arrangeable index cards

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Posted by Franz Grieser
Jan 3, 2011 at 01:59 PM



Thanks for the comment. With great respect, I have clearly stated in the first post of my Writing Outliner blog that Writing Outliner was mostly inspired by Scrivener for Mac, when Scrivener has only a Mac version. Actually, I even have had an email exchange with the developer of Scrivener, Keith, he?s nice and he appreciate I was frank :)

Writing Outliner it?s not a 1:1 clone of Scrivener, what makes it different is that it?s built-on top of/seamlessly integrated into MS Word (so that you can utilize all it?s powerful functions).  On the topic of ?original?, the respectable developer of Scrivener, Keith, he also has ever said that he was inspired by other programs.
——- end——-

I know you said in 2009 that Scrivener was an inspiration. You may not have seen that but I was one of the guys at the LitLatte forum that came to your defense last year when someone blamed you for “shamelessly ripping off” Scrivener.

But for me, the 1:1 copy of the look and feel of the index cards of Scrivener was simply too much.

BTW: I did not say that Writing Outliner was a 1:1 clone of Scrivener. I said it looked like a 1:1 clone. That’s a big difference.
I was talking about the look and feel not about the functionality.

All the best, Franz