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Info Select 10 is out now

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Posted by Daly de Gagne
Dec 23, 2010 at 09:25 PM


Franz, there is an undertone to some of Jim’s stuff, which seems to be along the line of blaming the customer. He refuses to deal with the fact that some aspects of IS seem to have never worked well for a significant number of people, or that for some people the quality of support has been very poor. I know there are many people who are happy with the program, but even they will often say they are only using a small part of the features, of the advertised capability.

My hunch is that this is likely the last release of IS we will see.


Franz Grieser wrote:
> >Info Select 10 has just been released. The new features are described
> >The
>most important ones: ribbons (as in Office 2007/2010), faster search, dockable
>windows and pin-ups, floatable selector and panels, new calendar.
> >What’s
>interesting is the passage at the bottom of the page: “By request of our customers to
>simplify Info Select, we have removed the following rarely used features:...”
>still no stripped-down IS just for notes storage (i.e. IS without e-mail and calendar
>and the bunch of features not needed in an info database).
> >Although I have been using
>IS for over 15 years, I will not get the update. I still keep my old databases in IS but
>moved to OneNote on my Windows machines (and Scrivener on my Mac) for taking new
> >Anyone here moving to IS 10?
> >Franz