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My Scrivener 2.0 review

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Posted by Derek Cornish
Dec 11, 2010 at 03:28 PM


I’m very much with you re Zoot and plain text. I’d have been quite content if the Admiral had simply produced a new plain-text version with the constraints removed on item length, numbers of items and folders. I also liked the old, less obtrusive icons in version 5 (version 4’s were even better). However, software developers have to make money to live on and the plethora of new information sources, communication devices and so on made change and increasing complexity inevitable. The disappointment over the so-called outlining feature also reduced my interest, but I am beginning to warm up to v6 now, although I still haven’t moved my work to it.

As for Scrivener for Windows, it looks really interesting and my only reservation - shared in relation to ConnectedText, ndxCards, IdeaMason, and so on - is that the overlap between Zoot’s and Scrivener’s project and research management features will make choosing what to use for what part of the research/writing process as difficult and frustrating as it always seems to be.