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Profound Disappointment

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Posted by Daly de Gagne
Aug 10, 2010 at 02:18 PM


Good question, Steve. As I said (I think) in another post yesterday, I was expecting too much perhaps, and had been taken in by some of the glowing claims made by developers and people who were saying how much advanced Mac programs are.

I remember a time when that would have been the case. But looking at some of the programs, while they have obvious strengths, the consistency across features, even the inclusion of a reasonable feature set, seems very uneven.

It is ironic to me that we see the Mac as being ahead for outliners, yet the provision of internal outlining - ie within the text block - is minimal compared with PC programs. Even a sophisticated program like DevonThink only has a rudimentary provision for an internal list. OO has none for its text block, thus limiting its usefulness as a place to write.

I think I fell for the notion that there was holy grail called Mac - part of it based on my own experiences with Macs years ago.

The wifi point I agree with. Very fast, solid connections.


Stephen Zeoli wrote:
> >I think you’ve received excellent advice from everyone who has responded to
>your sincere plea for help! I will add my two cents, of course.
> >I felt some of the
>disappointment you are feeling now when I first switched to the Mac—perhaps not as
>intensely. I was even disappointed with Scrivener (the application that had been the
>primary catalyst for my switch) because I thought it would be so wonderful that my work
>would practically write itself! My disappointment was compounded by the fact that I
>had to return my new MacBook after a couple of weeks because some circuit-whosis
>didn’t work properly—the first time in 25 years of computer ownership I had a
>hardware problem with a new computer!
> >But I began to realize that most of the problem
>was that I just had unrealistic expectations—what honest CRIMPer doesn’t? This
>doesn’t mean there are not a lot of compromises with Mac applications. There are. But I
>would urge you to ask yourself this question: If I was so happy with MyInfo and
>UltraRecall, why did I feel the need to switch platforms? That’s what I asked myself
>when I got the urge to switch back.
> >I’ve since become enamored of my MacBook and am
>planning to buy a new one in a few months. In addition to the fact that the operating
>system is so much smoother, and getting on the Internet via wifi is always easy and
>seamless, I wouldn’t want to do without Scrivener, Tinderbox and
> >Steve