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My list of frequently used Mac applications

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Aug 10, 2010 at 02:46 AM


Good topic, Wes!

My list, remembering that I’m in the PC world at work, so this is for personal projects -

- MacJournal, daily journal and miscellaneous writing
- Tinderbox, analysis and thought tinkering
- Personal Brain, trying to make this my go to information manager, but that’s still a work in process
- Yojimbo, for quick clips from the web
- Bento, for structured data (e.g. keeping my reading list)
- Scrivener, for writing projects
- Sandvox, for web site maintenance (although if I were starting the web site now, I would use Word Press, I think)

Software I’d like to use more:

- Curio
- DevonThink
- TaskPaper