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Posted by Daly de Gagne
Aug 6, 2010 at 07:25 PM


It has taken eight years, but I am back with a Mac - and it seems better than ever. But now for the hard work of moving stuff, setting up some new software, and getting some work done!

I said here I had looked at OmniOutline, downloading and printing out its manual. Now I have it running, and I am not sure I like it. Most noticeably I see it appears to lack tag capability, for line items in the outline. Am I missing something?

Also, have downloaded Mori - it seems to have an interesting system of tag and smart folders, as well as providing for columns.

Am not clear on relative pros and cons of Mori and OmniOutline - I realize I need to do some searches here for older posts. In the meantime if any one is able to say something about these programs, I sure would appreciate it.

Also have downloaded DevonThink, but haven’t really got into it as yet.

And I’ve downloaded a few word processing and writing related programs - eg. Open Office, Mellel, Scrivener, and IWork. Anyone have any thoughts - other than perhaps how I will get any work done at all as I try to figure out which of these programs are keeper.

I also downloaded an academic reference program - Sente 6 - which makes itself sound like the absolute cutting edge for managing references, and keeping abreast of the literature.

Honestly, I think I am in CRIMP overdose mode - I have had the MacBook for less than 24 hours! But it feels great!

Thanks for any input y’all may have.