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What a good Outliner should have

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Posted by Pierre Paul Landry
Mar 7, 2010 at 12:16 AM


A few months ago, a bunch of us OutlinerSoftware had this discussion on Google Wave. Unfortunately, Wave does not have any kind of print/export feature, so here is a copy of the first blip (which served as a summary). Those interested can participate in this wave.


What is an outliner ? (or what are outliners ?)

1-pane, 2-pane, 3-pane, with or without custom fields displayed or not as columns, as pure outliners or as full-featured PIM… a first wave on outliners.

Outliner types are:

Pure 1-pane (with or without rich-text) :  Examples: Inspiration outline view, Natara Bonsai, Notemap, StoryView, UV Outliner, Word outline mode

1-pane with custom fields (or attributes) :  Examples: B-liner (?), TreeSheets (?)

1-pane with custom fields displayed as columns in the outline : Examples: ADM, EccoPro, Excel outline mode, InfoQube, ListPro

Pure 2-pane (Simple tree-view in 1st pane, 2nd pane for rich text) : Examples: Jot+, MindSystems Amode, MyBase, NoteCase Pro, Surfulater, Treepad, WhizFolders

2-pane with custom fields : Examples: MyInfo, UltraRecall Pro

3-pane : Examples: Evernote, Normfall Manager, Sycon IDEA!, Zoot, most e-mail programs

Hybrid 1-pane / 2-pane (works as both 1-pane and 2-pane) : Examples: InfoQube, MaxThink (?)

Visual Representation :  MindMapping: FreeMind, iMindMap, Inspiration, MindManager, MindGenius, MindPad, MindView, VisualMind, Xmind

Dynamic: ConnectedText, MindRaider, PersonalBrain

With PIM features : Examples: do Organizer, EccoPro, InfoQube, InfoSelect, PersonalBrain, UltraRecall Pro

With automation / agents : Examples: EccoPro, InfoQube, Notecase Pro, Zoot

With Cloning (i.e. multiple parents) (same item may appear in several locations) : Examples: ADM, Brainstorm, MyInfo, Notecase Pro, Surfulater, UltraRecall, PersonalBrain, InfoQube

With Tagging (item can be labeled with several keywords) : Examples: Evernote, Surfulater, UltraRecall

Oriented towards:

  Text, itself can be sub-divided into specialized types for:

  Writing :  Examples: MaxThink, PageFour, Scrivener, StoryView, SuperNoteCard
  Capturing :  Examples: Brainstorm
  Organizing : Examples: Brainstorm. MaxThink

  Numbers (hierarchy database) : Examples: B-liner, Excel outline mode, MindPad, InfoQube

  Dates (Tasks/Projects/Schedules) : Examples: Achieve Planner, ListPro, MyLifeOrganized, InfoQube

  Documents, i.e. organising data files that are already there : Examples: InfoRapid Cardfile System, X2net OneStore

  Rich Note-taking : Examples: Evernote, OneNote

  Web collection : Examples: Evernote, ScrapBook (Firefox add-in), Surfulater, Web Research

  Publishing (web or other) : Examples: InfoHesiveEP, WebIdeaTree

  Miscellaneous Information snippets, usually captured from the clipboard : Examples: ClipCache, ClipMate


  Static: you create an outline, and it will always appear that way : Examples: Brainstorm, Excel outline mode, WikidPad, Word outline mode

  Dynamic: display options allows you to arrange parts through:

  Filtering : Examples: EccoPro, InfoQube, Opal, Surfulater

  Hoisting : Examples: Opal, UltraRecall Pro, InfoQube

  Sorting : Examples: EccoPro, InfoQube, Surfulater