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Posted by Franz Grieser
Jan 30, 2010 at 04:58 PM



>Someone on the Scrivener forum - it might have been you Franz, or possibly AmberV, I
>can’t remember - wrote that it is more of a consumer’s toy than a producer’s tool. That
>description makes sense to me.

That was AmberV. But I agree with her (though you can, off course, use it for production).

>However… that goes for iPad1. What about iPad2 or
>iPad3, which I can imagine will have enhanced capabilities such as multi-tasking,
>Flash and perhaps a camera? And the youngsters who meanwhile are bought it as a toy but
>then want to use it in class and later at work?

I only speak about iPad1. I cannot know what Apple will add to the next release.

But you mention one point that makes the iPad more a consumer product: Multitasking capabilities are missing. That means you cannot switch back and forth between an editing apps and e.g. your webbrowser or a PDF file you need for reference.

But don’t get me wrong: I will probably get an iPad, once 2.0 is released by the end of this year (whether it has multitasking or not).
This will, however, not replace my Thinkpad Tablet PC, which I use for brainstorming, planning, writing and presenting.