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Posted by Franz Grieser
Jan 30, 2010 at 01:41 PM



I don’t expect to see iPad editions of Curio, Tinderbox, Scrivener, et.al. in the next few months: Keith Blount, the developer of Scrivener, said that he would have to write a S. for iPad completely from scratch. He depends heavily on the text editing subsystem of Mac OS X that is not available in the iPhone/iPad OS. I guess that will be the same for Tinderbox, Curio, etc.

Moreover: You need a large screen to take full advantage of Curio, Tinderbox and Scrivener. The 9.x inch display is too small to see more than the piece of information you are just working at.

So: In my eyes, an iPad may be a nice input device for jotting down notes and transfering them to the application in which you continue processing it. For this purpose, no iPad-native edition of Tinderbox or Scrivener is required. For Curio that may be different as the tablet can be useful for drawing.

My 2cts,