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Looking for PIM / Thesis Writing Software for the PC

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Posted by shatteredmindofbob
Oct 9, 2009 at 08:38 AM


...did I read that price correctly? ...woah. And people say The Brain and Notemap are pricey…

Peter wrote:
>Thanks for posting and no worries about coming late to the party.
> >Point taking about
>aesthetics and research. I’m no fan of Vista (an example of aesthetic design gone
>bad). I’ve stuck with XP. Nevertheless, I suppose I’ve become accustomed to an
>increasing degree of let’s say ‘aesthetic sensibility’ in interface design, even
>for the Windows platform, over that last decade. Something like Evernote may not be
>your cup of tea, or even mine for that matter (I’ve decided it’s a little too gimmicky
>for my purposes). Still, if I have the choice, I’ll choose a piece of software over
>another if I think the interface aesthetics is better (cleaner, more intuitive, easy
>to look at, attractive) provided that the functionality is equal.
> >Meanwhile, I
>think I’ve found my PIM answer for pdf markup and note management: Atlas.ti
>(http://www.atlasti.com/). It’s not cheep but it was sitting under my nose all the
>time. I already had a copy sitting on my machine for coding and sorting interview
>transcriptions. The latest version can even import PDFs as well as a range of other
>media. It might be overkill for some though. Other competitors in the CAQDAS
>(Computer Aided Qualitative Data Analysis Software) family are Nudist and
> >Still, the actual paper writing process is not facilitated very well
>(although you can export memo notes into one doc). Hence the search for a
>Scrivener-like app continues….