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Scrivener-like outliner for Windows?

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Posted by Edwin Yip
Sep 28, 2009 at 05:20 AM


Hello Sebastien,

Chapter by Chapter is neat and does what it’s intended to, it’s really a good tool :)

I’m glad you jump in this discussion, actually I really appreciate insightful inputs from really writers like you, because I myself am not a writer although I used to write long documents such as technical manuals :)

I have a little different view on the planed features of Writing Outliner that you think are pre-writing stuff, I think these features should be helpful for the whole writing process, for example, with full-text search, in pre-writing stage you can search your research materials; in the writing process you can search through all documents in the writing project to check consistency, or analyzing characters, POV, etc. The developer of Scrivener Keith has a very good idea behind Scrivener: Provides features to help writers but does not bring in any limits in terms of the way the writers want to write, I think that is a brilliant and I should follow it :) So I think Writing Outliner is not only for church 1 or 2 you mentioned, but for both churches :) and I actually don’t see CbC is for writers of church 1 only.

Thank you again for you comments, and I look forward to further contact with you :)