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VMWare Fusion on Bits Todau

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Posted by Manfred
Sep 1, 2009 at 01:38 AM


Alas, running OS X on a PC is very difficult, and, believe it or not, illegal (at least, if you believe Apple). Apple is very restrictive about the hardware on which their OS runs. It has to be a Mac. They are almost as restrictive about which software runs on their ipod.

It’s not that I like Microsoft either ...

I would run OS X on a Virtual Machine, because there are two or three applications that I would run: Scrivener, Mellel (which is an excellent word processor for academic writing), and perhaps one of the Outliners. I acquired a Mac (through the university) to try out all the stuff. Yet, I found DevonThink rather disappointing. that was the program I had really had lusted after, based on all the good press. It turned to be more hype than reality. The same thing held for Voodoopad.

I ultimately returned because ConnectedText and AutoHotkey are the applications that I use most.