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Scrivener-like outliner for Windows?

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Posted by DaXiong
Mar 24, 2009 at 12:56 AM


I am still on my quest for the perfecct outliner (I know, doesn’t exist cause I keep changing what I need). What I’d love is Scrivener, but for windows. I am stuck using WinXP, and am searching for an outliner to structure/organize thoughts and writing.
I prefer single pane outliners, but Scrivener’s “cork board” and outline node synopsis is amazing. Are there any window outliners with this synopsis feature?

I mainly use Inspiration (in outline mode), and it works, just not perfectly. The ability to organize/re-organize using Scrivener’s cork board is powerful. Most of my writing has “chapters” with an overview/summary and title in them. In Scrivener, the synopsis serves as my overview/summary so life is good. Except I’m stuck on Windows. (No, I can’t buy a mac right now.)