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Wiki for Fiction Writing

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Posted by Hugh
Dec 9, 2008 at 07:00 PM


A question and a statement for Michal:

- what can a wiki contribute to fiction-writing, other than storage of research and initial random-ish jottings? For the task of writing itself, even of fiction, I’d say one needs a structural hierarchy rather than a web, an outline rather than a wiki (even if, as in WhizFolders, the outline has supplementary wiki features). However, I’d be genuinely interested in the contrary view.

- I don’t think the Holy Grail in this field exists (or possibly any other…). Even Scrivener has its weaknesses - which is one reason its developer is currently undertaking a big update. (But yes, it is the best and very thoughtfully put together.) Of the rest, Writer’s Cafe looks good in its new version. I particularly like its Storylines feature, which appears to be built around comprehensive timelining.