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Bublup gets rid of free accounts (and soon their data as well)

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Posted by Ken
Nov 20, 2023 at 12:11 AM


Barrage wrote:
Such a shame…I had only recently gave this one a good look and really
>liked it.
>However such a dramatic change in so short a time with as little warning
>makes me worry about its true state and what other drastic actions may
>happen down the (likely short) road.
> >I simply cant justify suddenly paying, when it feels like a “do it now
>or you data gets it” situation.
>Can anyone recommend similar products? Perhaps in a more stable state?
> >Thank you.

Mutual feelings.  Stephen can probably also recall similar programs, but the two that immediately come to mind are Walling and Milanote.  Both have been discussed on the forum and a search can bring up some useful posts.