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Posted by Dormouse
Nov 19, 2023 at 01:32 PM


MadaboutDana wrote:
>I’ve started to experiment with a very interesting writing app, Lattics
>(https://lattics.zineapi.com), which uses a kind of “cards alongside
>articles” approach, but with extra goodies like a mindmap-alike view.
>It’s this mix of rapid note jotting and long-form article writing that
>appeals to me – you can, of course, do such things in any
>number of other apps, but Lattics has what it describes as a “workbench”
>approach that’s particularly appealing. As is the auto-templated layout
>and handling of references (a very convenient way to produce academic
>papers, if one feels so inclined). Lattics also does the Ulysses thing
>of combining multiple notes in a single scrolling view.

I’ve had a look. Fundamentally a very nice design; will be even better when the whiteboard is there too. I found the keyboard response very jerky, and couldn’t see a setting to have the cards in a typical card view rather than a single column. @links rather than [[wikilinks]].

Has the advantage of being all in one, but doesn’t have the features or (first impression) usability of my current Word, Mindomo, OneNote combo. Would integrate with Tangent/Obsidian quite well though since it’s easy to drag markdown notes in. No first line indent for paragraphs either.