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Bublup gets rid of free accounts (and soon their data as well)

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Posted by Ken
Nov 19, 2023 at 03:13 AM


I received an email on the morning of November 17 from Bublup letting me know that costs have gone up and that they were raising the price of their base level account by $1 USD/mo.  They were also eliminating their free accounts going forward due to costs.  And, they were not going to grandfather or freeze the data on any existing accounts, but were going to be deleting it on Dec. 1.

I can understand the price increase and removing the free accounts going forward.  And I can even see why they want to reduce their data storage in their free accounts.  But only giving two weeks notice to users to download their data prior to deletion seems to be a harsh in my book.  Would it really have been that difficult, or costly, to give people a month or six weeks?

I tried it out several months ago when I first discovered it and found many great features I liked, but was on the fence about a subscription since I am already using Walling under a paid plan.  I might have considered a paid subscription, but the two-week migration period left me quite cold.

More details here:  https://www.bublup.com/support/changing-to-paid-app/