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Heptabase - Crimp cured?

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Posted by Tumbleweed
Nov 16, 2023 at 04:04 PM


I’ve been using Heptabase for a while now, and I think it checks all boxes. Except for email and a proper calendar, ie. Outlook.

They have added some more powerful features, such as the ability to add “folders” on the sidebar, which can hold whiteboards, cards, tags, etc. Then you can make “tag groups” which are essentially workspaces for things, ie. personal, business, etc. It has added another new dimension to the product! Here’s an overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9eBuf9Lx30

The sidebar also has “Task” item now, which gives all unchecked checkboxes in your database. They still plan to add the two things I mentioned to them, namely 1) Tags need multiple select or all to see attributes that span tags and 2) Open files/email with native app. These are on their roadmap.

The ease of use is amazing. And the PDF features are also outstanding. I am using it for everything now, not just notes and learning, but for meetings, project planning, tasks, references, articles, goals, weekly review, etc. The tag items were very odd to me in the beginning; however, I’ve always thought that a properly planned tool wouldn’t need tags. So in Heptabase, using tags to track those specific info items, like meeting notes, logging doctor’s appointments, daily journal entries, etc.

Again, the only other organization app I’m using is Outlook (with NEOPro and Close Contact for enhanced features). I’m slowly moving over my notes from UltraRecall and RightNote. The main negative with Heptabase is that as a todo/project manager it is not particularly powerful, so Outlook with the now free Taskline addin can suit that need in my “two-app system”.