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What note-taking app has *actually* helped you grow your thinking in unexpected ways?

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Posted by Lucine
Nov 15, 2023 at 11:08 AM


YouMinds Composer. Right now I’ve barely scratched the surface of its functions but it already helps a lot. One of the many amazing things about it is that you can change the representation of your page anytime. E.g. from mindmap to outline, or to/from an org chart, scribble board,  ontology, notebook, and many others. I use it in the Sequential Pinbook representation where it shows each item in card format next to each other in an ordered way- kind of like XTiles but in the sequential pinbook representation specifically you cannot resize the tiles (you can with other representations though).
It helps to organize my thoughts and to quickly jot down ideas, which can then be easily grouped, broken down, connected etc later.

I never got around to using it until recently because it felt clunky, but if you put function over aesthetic, and don’t need an online version, it’s simply unbeatable in many aspects.