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Curio 25 released

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Posted by Paul Korm
Mar 16, 2023 at 09:10 PM


$99.99 PA for NotePlan !?!? 

I’ve given NotePlan a try every few months since it first arrived in beta several years ago.  The developer is a very nice person.  However, using NotePlan always seems like a penalty for some minor misdemeanor.  Agenda does too, but less so.  At least Agenda is pretty.  I think it’s a problem with the paradigm for these apps.  As soon as notes become attached to tasks and calendars and reminders, motion sickness starts.  It’s the friction.

I’ve never thought of Curio as note-taking software.  It’s a different creature. 

Maybe someday software will include little AI djinns that will pop open polite messages such as “Excuse me, you’re using the wrong software for what you’re doing.  May I suggest other options for you?”