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Posted by Amontillado
Feb 28, 2023 at 04:29 PM


Hang on a sec.

Whining? Andy? Hardly. He isn’t in competition with Scrivener. He just made a business observation.

Andy’s Hyperplan works well as a replacement for Plottr. Set attributes for plot thread and chapter, and display chapters as rows and plot threads as columns (or vice versa).

That’s why I bought it. I found it worked more to my liking as a kanban utility, but it isn’t bad for story planning.

One strength it’s got is that connections (lines between cards) are actually navigable. Typical mind maps allow adding connections, but don’t have a way to navigate them. If you end up with a bowl of spaghetti, it’s hard to follow the lines. Hyperplan will list the connections from each card. Superior.

Would you prefer not to be able to contact developers? Microsoft Word might be your best choice. If you can contact developers, is it OK for them to have a signature block identifying what they develop?

Andy, please don’t stop posting here.

22111 wrote:
> >Thus my impression that his whining, and (obviously just made-up)
>“surprise” (or “disgust”? whatever) here about a third party’s
>commercial strategy which, for once (?), mimics the, by himself, very
>well-beaten path, was just another hook for advertising his non-outline
> (snip)
>A post that makes 3 ads for one’s own (and then, not even connected) biz
>interests in a row, but, in order to make those “pass”, feigns
>“incomprehension” about that biz’s own, and very largely applied by that
>very biz, marketing strategy, is…
> >yeah, you name it: SPAM.