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50% deal off Scrivener for the next few days

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Posted by Andy Brice
Feb 28, 2023 at 03:01 PM


I’d really rather not engage in mudslinging and ad hominm attacks. But I feel I need to respond to some of these misinformed comments.

Hyper Plan (dare I mention my product name) isn’t an outliner, but I would call it ‘outliner adjacent’. My understanding is that outlinersoftware.com is a fairly broad church, where people discuss all aspects of personal information management and productivity systems.

I do promotions from time to time with BitsDuJour. I get 50% of 50% of normal list price, which is a fairly miserable. *But* I then have the possibility to sell the customer a major version upgrade further down the line. Which makes it worthwhile.

The Scrivener promotion is selling a ‘lifetime subscription’. So no chance to make any money on upgrades later. Quite different.

However Scrivener has been around a long time and I believe is well thought off. So I presume they know what they are doing. I’m genuinely curious about why they would agree to those terms. Normally you only see green and desparate startups offer lifetime subscriptions for low prices. Perhaps they have is some grand strategy I know nothing about. Or maybe I have misunderstood what the deal is.