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My Life Organized 6.0 Announced

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Posted by 22111
Feb 27, 2023 at 05:51 PM


Well: MLO in the past already was a very elaborate ToDo software, BUT came without rtf (or other text formatting), and plaintext isn’t really what most people who spend 60 bucks plus VAT (making it almost 80) are really in awe of.

So I followed your link, searched for “rtf” - nada - then had a quick look, and indeed, it’s “Markdown” - ok, then…

EXCEPT for the fact that their screenshot just shows the original markdown coding, NOT formatted text, but perhaps, MLO will display that one instead, optionally?

And hopefully, at the very least, ^b will put in the necessary code, as well as ^i and ^u? No?

Then forget it. Markdown has become fashionable for some time, but that doesn’t make it acceptable…

Codes hidden, ^... for the codes, formatted text on screen: ok, ok, ok - if not: forget it, as said. - Btw, if you quit the trial, for the previous, or a former, version, you got the developer’s invitation to make him an offer of what you were WILLING to pay… (perhaps he has renewed that offer this time, again? hahaha!) - and following that very context:

If you really want to buy Scrivener (Mac or Windows: both versions are available) - I wouldn’t even have it for free (as said before: why asking for complications, when life can be easy?): it’s available half-price currently - oh, I see, I’m quite late to that party, so scrap that. But really! Who needs Scrivener…