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Tree elements' formatting (Scrivener, "Aeon") - The Wolf!

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Posted by 22111
Jan 27, 2023 at 02:09 PM


Some more info on “vertical vs. horizontal” here, https://www.outlinersoftware.com/topics/viewt/9961/20 , and yes, Amontillado, you’re right that some writer have become productive with Scrivener ; it’s just that its UX paradigm seems so weird that it’s not accessible to many of us, and then, well:

Before posting again, above, I had read the whole stream of those whopping 18 (!) pages of negative Scriv reviews on amazon.com (link above), and not only I was comforted in my own “not grasping Scriv”, but I also was horrified by the amount of work LOSSES, obviously caused by Scriv.

That being said, I should have made it more obvious above that all the “Scriv” above applies to Scriv-Windows - and most of it, yes, to previous versions, too, but then, *****their policy handling those complaints has to be called appalling***** (sic!).

(I also retrieved those 18 pages, and it’s quite “interesting” to see how Amazon has succeeded in HIDING most of the most catastrophic (obviously mostly real) reviews at the end of the stream, of several pages - so that most prospects would possibly not research further - of complaints for their “program activation when bought from Amazon” not working - it’s behind (sic!) those testimonies which obviously will be considered not being relevant by all current prospects (since amazon.com currently doesn’t resell Scriv anymore), that “things get really interesting” - and that has nothing to do with some “order by precedence” (inexistent anyway), but is obviously pure manipulation by Amazon, and, I can prove it anytime.)

(Some years ago, Amazon allowed comments on reviews - I sometimes “rectified” advertorials by “customers” who had been given the goods they then “reviewed” for free (i.e. even after the confessions of Amazon) - most of those rectifications of mine (of products I had bought myself) then disappeared within days, and in-between, they simply deleted ALL “review comments” at one go - well, Bezos’ yacht alone allegedly costs half a billion, so they are not interested in their customers / prospects getting precise, even correct info, but in selling, and no need to add that I withdrew all my reviews over there even before they then killed all review comments. And then, Amazon pricing has become more or less ridiculous in general (rare exceptions excepted indeed, but then, those “pricing errors”, as I call them, are expected to change within minutes…), whilst “after-sales” policies have also greatly changed it seems, so… and people who really review (i.e. on third-party sites…) their “Music unlimited” and other services, or whatever they call’em, ain’t happy either…)

(Btw, from such a third-party side, I got some - allegedly correct - “catalogue” of Netflix’s U.S. offerings - their multiple “national” offerings should probably even much more limited then? -, and, e.g., “Thriller”, “Adventure”, etc., all combined, for the 11 years, “1940 to 1950”, brought zero (!) result, ditto for “comedy 1940 to 1950”, and I’m certain I didn’t make any mistake in my search, an’thus, an’with all due respect: Netflix’s low brow, to put it very mildly…)

Back to Scriv then: Perhaps - possibly? - their current Win tool is as stable as their Mac tool allegedly is (?), but it’s clear as day they don’t know much about UX, and so, I do NOT grasp why writers don’t use some good, GENERIC outliner, which’ll give’em much more freedom to write as THEY intend to do, to say the least.

Scriv may be some “complete package” then, with “name lists” - oh, my God! we’re in 2023, with lots of, far better, web resources, for such minor, additional tasks?! -, and with a horizontal (but seemingly not very functional!) timeline (and that makes the “fortune” of Aeon, right?!), but then, those “generic” outliners are best I think, since…

at the end of the day, our ancestors “writing”: didn’t they use, and then individualized, to their respective liking, “generic” stuff, when they used pens, paper? THEIR way, an’not within the quite strict confines “specific” tools like Scriv allow for?

OT of the linked thread said he should probably go back to pen-n-paper… NO, I’d say, try to adopt some vertical, electronic paradigm, it’ll be so much easier-n-productive than reverting to paper-n-pen… whilst with today’s “horizontally-progressing” tools, you’ll encounter too many limitations indeed…

And trying to use TheBrain for a decision tree of some volume, well… I said that before: You’re free to introduce additional, visual complexity into your reasoning, in order to feel better about the alleged quality of your thinking, but the results then will reflect your having got lost in - between…

And that’s because - I said / implied that before, too - current graphical representations of your “thinking” “forget” not only about your thoughts’ comings’ order, but also about the order into you bring the results.

And it’s the beauty of the (enhanced) tree-form (sic!) to resolve those conceptional problems at least partly; and so be it with “vertical”.

(An’yes, “horizontal” is (much) prettier… and that makes the appeal of museums… but we’re not in it for just curating: right?)