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Posted by satis
Jan 20, 2023 at 12:50 AM


Scrivener for macOS isn’t bad, but the iOS version is lacking and people have complained about the Windows version for years on the app’s subreddit. Development appears to have significantly slowed or halted: the last version for macOS (v.3.2.3) came out ten months ago with some bugfixes and UI tweaks but that’s about it.

Ulysses has been iterating regularly and while a more expensive, subscription app, its iOS app has parity in features. Las month it added Projects, sort of a superceding folder for individual projects which only shows relevant files to that project when working, hiding everything else in the app’s sidebar for better focus. It also added ‘keyword pools’ to let each project use its own discrete tags and colors.


I’ve owned and upgraded my copy of Scrivener since 2012. I used it quite a bit in the past, but it never really clicked with me enough to happily settle into it. To me the app’s best feature is the automatic corkboard view but aside from that I am able to duplicate all other features I need with Ulysses and additional notes/outlines in OmniOutliner (though Zavala could easily be used too).

Unless you self-publish, when working with a publisher, regardless of app authors need to migrate everything to Word anyway to deal with that app’s unparalled, industry-standard Track Changes.