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Tree elements' formatting (Scrivener, "Aeon") - The Wolf!

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Posted by Amontillado
Jan 19, 2023 at 07:13 PM


Scrivener isn’t so bad, nor is it hard to use. The best way to learn it is to explore the features you need, ignoring the rest until future needs arise.

It’s not for everyone, which is just like everything else out there. One thing I liked about Scrivener was the common-sense structure of its project files. I wrote my own sync routines, for example, to sync Scrivener with an Android office suite.

Aeon is not quite as open, but the import and export facilities are nice. For instance, it’s no big deal to export from Omni Outliner with extra columns to Aeon, or from Devonthink with custom metadata.

I suspect in about 30 minutes I could write a Python exporter from Obsidian to Aeon, picking timeline data out of YAML metadata. In fact, if I put the timeline data in YAML headers in Devonthink Markdown files, the same script would transfer from either Obsidian or Devonthink.

Literature and Latte is very friendly to independent writers and is worth supporting. Even if you don’t like Scrivener, it’s not something to dismiss as worthless. There is too much productive output coming from Scrivener projects. The same can be said of Microsoft Word, and I avoid it like a cliche.