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Tree elements' formatting (Scrivener, "Aeon") - The Wolf!

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Posted by 22111
Jan 16, 2023 at 05:34 PM


I once said, here - I cite from memory -, “writers should just adopt Scriveners, be good, and start writing” - I hadn’t been aware, at the time, that Scrivener, as well as “Ulysses App”, seemingly does NOT allow for user-sided tree elements formatting, so I made a post to https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/scrivener-needs-user-sided-formatting-in-its-tree/132080 which might be of interest to writers not yet feeling the urge to individually format their tree entries.

(And yes, my allegations over there had been prompted by some co-contributor’s to this forum’s, experiences with “Aeon”, in the latter’s forum. Scrivener’s not good enough, had been my “resume” from that, but as always, I tried to be as constructive as I ever can be.)