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Curio 5.0

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Posted by Stephen Zeoli
Aug 17, 2008 at 07:49 PM


Back in April I bought a MacBook for my personal use. I had been a long time PC user, but some of the applications I had seen recently for Mac OS had made me envious—particularly DevonThink and Scrivener. So I took the plunge, and have bought several applications—a whole new domain for my CRIMP fever. And I have tested many more.

Overall I am very happy and impressed with my MacBook. It starts up fast and turns off even faster. It returns from sleep mode in a snap. I also like the integration of many of the applications. The fact that I can print a PDF into many of the information managers is very advantageous.

So, as an environment, the MacBook is great. However, I haven’t been as impressed with the software as I expected to be. They are all competent, but I really haven’t seen much that is not available in the PC world.

That is, until now. Curio 5.0 is a really exceptional application. In its “idea space” approach it is a little like OneNote—that is, you have a page on which you can combine several different types of elements. However, one of the item types that you can insert into any page is a pretty sophisticated mind map, also incorporated full-fledged project management functions.

The other important element type you can add to an idea space is an outline box. You can also add a text box or URL or even live web pages.

I’m still exploring the features of Curio, but I feel I’ve finally found the perfect planning application for me—no, it isn’t a database, and can’t serve that function. But Curio is the perfect place for brainstorming, then expending on those ideas with whatever material you need! At $149 for the pro version, Curio isn’t cheap, but it is less expensive than most mind mappers in the PC realm, and it does more.

It’s definitely worth a look, even if it is just to nurse your CRIMP desire.


Steve Z.