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RightNote's problems

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Posted by WSP
Nov 22, 2022 at 04:11 PM


I received a long note this morning from Rael Bauer, of which the following is an extract. I’m sorry the future doesn’t good for RightNote: sad news.

“As someone who has purchased the RightNote lifetime upgrade, I want to thank you for your support of the program. Back in 2017 (when I released version 4), I sent out a letter saying how the demand for this kind of application has decreased, and indeed this trend has continued. We do still get some new users, however at this point RightNote is mostly supported by existing users and renewals. So it seems there is still some demand for this kind of application, however in terms of visibility, it has kind of been eclipsed by the sheer popularity of big names like Evernote, OneNote and others. Nowadays, there are also many free and open-source note taking apps available, making it further difficult for people to find RightNote.

“While my intention is to continue developing RightNote - with the current level of income, it will be difficult for me to spend large amounts of time, working on large features, and at some point I will need to limit my efforts to smaller fixes and improvements.”